by Red Scare

As some of you have noticed, Red Scare has combined its annual Red Oktoberfest label showcase with the recently announced Riot Fest 2010. Label czar Tobias Jeg explained:

First of all, this year we will be combining Red Oktoberfest with Chicago's Riot Fest. If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? Here's what's up. First of all, the Riot Fest guys extended a very awesome and gracious invitation and those guys know how to run shit. All the people there and all the volunteers have been nothing short of super cool towards any of my friends and any of the bands I work with, so I'm honored to be able to work with them this year. The other thing is that I am getting married at the same time that all this crap is going down. And of course, I can't just get married like a normal person. No, we decided to do something that is apparently unlawful. Not for some deep "corollary of love" bullshit, or some wild nonsense I came across in "I Wrote Her Name Upon The Strand". No, nothing like that. We're just doing it cuz we're stupid, so be sure to come visit us in jail.

To that end, the label has confirmed the following bands for their stage/showcase: Propagandhi, Cobra Skulls, The Copyrights, The Brokedowns, Vultures United and Brendan Kelly.

Toby also addressed the obvious question:

Did you say Propagandhi? They're not on Red Scare!" I know they're not on Red Scare, they're smarter than that! I'll tell you this much though: Propagandhi are in my opinion the most vital punk band of my generation and their music and words are what motivated me to do good things within underground music and start Red Scare. I can't think of a more perfect band to headline a Red Scare showcase and I ain't just sayin' that because they agreed to play it (after a month of serious begging).