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Philadelphia's Dirty Tactics have announced that they will be heading into the studio for a week starting on July 28th to record a follow up EP to their recent debut album, It Is What It Is, released by Say-10 Records. At the helm will be Pater Steinkopf from The Bouncing Souls. The band had this to say about recording and the new material:

We had a few weeks off after we got back from Europe to face reality a little bit. The tour gave us a chance to work out the kinks on some new songs, so we are playing a couple local shows to solidify them before going into the studio with Pete Steinkopf from the Bouncing Souls to record a new EP. All of us grew up on the Souls (there might even be a couple Souls tattoos in this band… shh…), and we've been talking to Pete for a while about our ideas. We can't wait to work with him. Expect some studio posts for sure.

As far as the songs go, they each have a bit of a different vibe (Chris sings a couple; Dan sings another; we all sing on some) so we are stoked about that. We hope to get 6 songs out of it. There'll be more information about its release in the near future, but we will definitely be playing them at our shows coming up.

The band has also announced that they will be supporting the upcoming Dead Kennedys tour.