Brokencyde has responded to the coverage they have been receiving which alleges any number of crimes perpetrated by the band and based on a fake TMZ website set up in a prank. Many sites ran the story before it was revealed as a hoax. They said this:

Usually the rumors about Brokencyde are funny and we can just laugh them off, but this time they've completely crossed the line. To have someone accuse us of such horrendous crimes is upsetting to everyone in the band. The members of Brokencyde have families, brothers, sisters, and some of us have children of our own. So to have our names dragged through the mud because people have nothing better to do than create lies and spread rumors is complete bullshit. I don't understand how such high profile publications can lower themselves to be no better than those supermarket tabloid rags and publish a story without a even a fact check!

How would those same reporters feel if someone posted a story calling them a child molester or rapist? What would their loved ones think? I find it sad that these publications publish lies without any consideration or recourse for the way this affects people and their daily lives. Our goal since the day we started was to make music with our friends and hopefully put a smile on people's faces.

Brokencyde are currently in Hollywood, CA wrapping up the recording of the group's sophomore album, which is expected to hit stores in late 2010 through BreakSilence Recordings.