Las Crucas, NM punk rockers Shang-A-Lang are on tour now in support their upcoming Silver Sprocket/Face Palm release, Collection. The album features 22 re-mastered tracks from the bands previously released EPs and compilations along with plenty of previously unreleased recordings, and adorned with artwork and a poster by Mitch Clem of the Nothing Nice To Say web-comic. The album will be in stores September 10, 2010, and is available for mail-order now from the Silver Sprocket website. Remaining tour dates are on their MySpace page.

  1. Friends Grow Up
  2. Must be damned
  3. Fashion Over Community
  4. A Couple More Drinks
  5. Did it Again
  6. Nothin' I Can Do
  7. Sick of Pretending
  8. Summertime
  9. Five Long Years
  10. Caught Inbetween
  11. A Letter to My Critis
  12. Go Ahead and Save Me
  13. Bottled Up
  14. I'm So Free
  15. Disappear
  16. Work Today
  17. On the Road
  18. Apocalypse
  19. Wishing Wells
  20. Don't Bring Him Around
  21. Passive Aggressive
  22. Nasty Weather