Friends of Makh Daniels, vocalist for Bay Area metal outfit Early Graves, have announced a benefit and memorial performance in honor of the singer. Makh was tragically killed in a van accident in Oregon earlier this week. The vehicle drifted off the right shoulder of the freeway as Daniels and his band were heading south on Interstate 5 near Medford, OR, en route to Reno, NV after playing a show last weekend in Eugene, OR. All proceeds from the door and a percentage of profits from the bar will be donated to Makh's family.

His friends in Early Graves released a statement today:

There are no words that can properly say all the things that I want to say about our friend Makh Daniels. He is one of the most amazing writers I have ever known. He is incredibly funny. He is wise beyond his years. He is the most honest person you could ask for as a friend or a band mate. I had the pleasure to be in 2 bands with Makh and they were some of the best years of my life thus far. Sadly, Makh Daniels was taken from all of us. He wrote a lyric in an Early Graves song "To everyone that I've ever loved, I've Failed" but if there is anything that I could tell him is how proud I was of him and how much I loved him and how much his friendship meant to me. We were all like brothers.

To all of you guys, and to all of the amazing amount of love you guys have sent our way, Thank you. You guys are helping all of us get through this horrible time. We are nothing without each other right now and you guys are helping so much. But we've seen the whole community of metal and punk and hardcore musicians and fans join together in this trying time and I want to say how much it means to us and his family.

The show takes place tonight at the The Bamboo Lounge in Whittier, CA and will feature Antagonist, Exhausted Prayer and Destroy Judas plus more specials guests. Those wishing to donate to a fund in Makh's memory can do so here.