Orlando, FL power trio VRGNS (née Virgins) have detailed their sophomore full-length. The record is titled Manimals and it's due out August 31, 2010 via Kiss of Death, following up 2008's Miscarriage. Click Read More for the cover art and track listing.

We recently premiered a track from Manimals entitled "No Longer Entertainment" on our podcast. The song is now also streaming at the band's MySpace page. VRGNS notably features Sam Johnson and Alex Goldfarb, formerly of New Mexican Disaster Squad and currently of No Friends. Goldfarb is also a member of Gatorface.

1. Everyone is Weird
2. Behind Bars
3. Righteous Killings
4. No Longer Entertainment
5. Hangman
6. International Incident
7. Instrumental
8. I'm Innocent
9. Kids Under the Bed
10. Caught on Camera
11. Miscarriage