Andrew Jackson Jihad, Porches, Treasure Mammal, Father's Day auction test pressing for migrant aid

Andrew Jackson Jihad have released a four way split with Porches, Treasure Mammal and Father's Day titled The Chronicles of Joe Arpaio. The split addresses the actions of said sheriff as well as the controversially unconstitutional Arizona SB 1070.

As most of you know there is a ton of crazy racist, anti american values, and racial profiling coming out of Arizona from SB 1070. Sheriff Joe is a big supporter of SB 1070, has been Americas Toughest Sheriff/ Americas biggest racist for years already and does unconstitutional acts on a very frequent basis . This record was made to inform people of Sheriff Joe and the injustices that are happening in Az, to stand up for our rights and exercise our freedom of speech.

The bands are also auctioning off a test pressing of the record and donating the proceeds to the migrant aid group No Mas Muertes. You can find that auction on EBay.

No Mas Muertes/No More Deaths is a coalition of communities and individuals of faith and conscience that works to end the suffering and deaths of migrants in the Arizona-Sonora borderlands. "We embrace an action plan that includes movable desert camps, support of migrant aid centers, maintenance of water stations, Samaritan patrols that search the desert for migrants in need, and advocacy on behalf of migrant-related issues."

If you don't know what SB 1070 is read up.