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In a newly posted interview, Kevin Seconds talks about the possibilities of new material from the long-running hardcore act 7 Seconds. He explains:

Yeah, we have a lot of new songs, we're trying to come up with a creative way to put out new music without being like, "Here's another CD!", because if we do that with the label we've been with, SideOneDummy, and rightly-so, they'll want us to tour a lot and we can't really tour as much as we like to. We're going to do a bunch of vinyl stuff, because we've got two whole albums that we never officially released from like 1980/81, and it's really just for the fans, it's not like we expect to sell a ton of records. For years, the cassettes that we recorded on a boom box, they've been getting bootlegged and they sound like hell, it's horrible, so we just want to record it and get it out there, so anybody who wants it can have it. So, yeah, there's definitely new stuff and there's talk that SideOneDummy wants to do a collection of old stuff, new stuff, unreleased stuff, and I like that idea. That was supposed to be done this year, but we just kept pushing it back

Check out the entire interview here.

The band's last release was 2005's Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over!.