Here's another interview in my "ask random questions to random bands at Warped" series. In this installment, I talked to a very sweaty and very drunk Chris Wollard of Hot Water Music after they finished their afternoon set. Click READ MORE for the goods, and try to imagine his answers being incredibly slurred. For more information on Hot Water Music, head on over to

Scott: State your name, what band you’re in, and what you play.
Chris: I’m Wollard, and I play guitar in… for Hot Water Music.
S: Who’s been your favorite band to watch so far on the tour?
C: Consistently?
S: Yeah.
C: Well, it would have to be a draw between Flogging Molly and the Line. The Line isn’t on the tour anymore, they left early, but… they were fucking awesome. Right now, Flogging Molly.
S: Who do you recommend to go see?
C: Flogging Molly, Morgan Heritage who already played, fuckin’ Bosstones who are playin’ right now, Bad Religion, NOFX… Thursday already played… but I think the side stage is where all the action is, I think.
S: Do you guys play the same setlist every day, or do you throw it around?
C: Not a chance.
S: Not a chance?
C: Different every day.
S: What do you think about people who play the same setlist every show?
C: I’m not in their band. [laughs]
S: If there was one song you wish you never would have written, what would it have been?
C: Ha ha ha… No comment.
S: What’s one band you wish you could tour with, past or present?
C: Past or present?
S: Yeah, any band in the history of the world.
C: Does it have to be a band?
S: Uhh… Well, throw out a na-
C: Robert Johnson.
S: Oh, that’d be aweso-
C: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.
S: Alright. That would be awes-
C: Guided By Voices.
S: That’d be coo-
C: Built To Spill. Belle and Sebastian.
S: Ha, alright. And lastly-
C: Radiohead. Right now, Radiohead.
S: Right now Radiohead? And lastly, why should someone come watch your band over somebody else?
[pause for a long time]
C: Fuck, I dunno. [laughs]
S: Okay, finally lastly, are you drunk right now?
C: Not as drunk as I was when I went on!