Part three of my "random questions for random bands at Warped" interviews series. This one is with Aaron and Brad of Gainesville FL's The Æffect. These guys put on an awesome show on the stage in Chicago, and will continue to do so for the rest of the Warped Tour, so go check them out [it's not like you need to see NOFX or New Found Glory for the 15th time, anyways]. For more info on the band, go to TheÆ Click READ MORE for their interview.

Scott: Say who you are, what you play, and what band you’re in.
Aaron: Okay, my name is Aaron Feibus, I play guitar and sing, I’m in the Æffect.
Brad: Brad Bulifant, ditto, except I play drums and sing.
S: First off, how’s the tour going?
A: The tour’s going amazing.
S: The RV’s holding up?
A: Hehe, no, the RV is not holding up. The RV… Geez, what’s gone wrong with the RV so far?
B: Cruise America has gone wrong with the RV so far. [laughs]
A: Let’s see, there’s no brakes, we got the oil changed at 3,000 miles but there was no oil in there for some reason, none of the cabinets work, the A/C doesn’t work, the generator doesn’t work, the locks in the back don’t work… C’mon Brad, help me out.
B: We blew a tire.
A: Yeah, we blew a tire. You name it, everything has broken. If not, it will break eventually.
S: What’s the one band people should be watching, besides you?
A: The Start.
S: The Start?
A: Yeah.
S: I got here late, I missed them.
A: Hopefully you can make it to another show, because they’re fuckin’… really good.
S: Alright, who would win in a fight: you guys or the Faint?
B: Us.
A: Yeah, yeah… I think that we’re outnumbered, but…
B: We’re tougher.
A: They can’t see with all that mascara running in their eyes. [laughs]
S: Woah… Alright, what’s one song you wish you never wrote?
A: Umm… Does it have to be in this band?
S: Naw, it can be a different band, sure.
A: I think back in the day I wrote a song about Christopher Reeve.
[everyone laughs]
S: Wait wait wait… Was it before or after his paralysis?
A: After.
[everyone laughs again]
S: Did you talk about the paralysis in the song?
A: Umm… Maybe.
S: Ohhh… I think someone’s an asshole.
A: Hehehe…
S: So, why should someone come watch you as opposed to, say, Good Charlotte, or New Found Glory, or anybody else on the tour?
B: I’d say it’s something a little different. I mean, it’s not an average sound that you kind of hear that often so it’s kind of interesting to hear something sort of new.
S: It’s bootylicious, but it’s still punk rock.
B: Yeah.
S: Finally, this one’s controversial but… Who should not be on this tour?
A: Oh, oh shit. [laughs]
S: If you had to name 1 or 2 or 10 or 20 bands that you just think don’t belong here with everybody else…
B: Ah fuck… Third Strike.
S: They’re horrible.
A: I’d have to go with… Trusted Company.
S: Trust Company?
A: Yeah. Not that the band is bad or anything, like… We’re a different style as well, but I think they’re maybe better off doing the Ozzfest or something.
S: They don’t need the Warped Tour support, they’re on a major label and stuff…
A: Right. I’d also say Home Grown.
S: Ooh, they’re playing right now.
A: Are they?
S: Yeah.
A: Maybe they should stop. [laughs]
S: That band was cool when I was 14.
A: Haha, yeah.
S: Alright, thanks a lot.