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In a new interview with Rock Radio, Blink 182's Tom Delonge discussed what people can expect from the trio's comeback record:

I feel like a little kid full of wonder. I can't comprehend the size of these shows. We're getting on better than we ever have, and there's a confidence there now. We love what we do and we know we do it pretty well. "The record will be very modern, relevant, fast and fun. It'll be a mixture of drum'n'bass, indie rock and stadium rock. I can't say we've done that before, but you can see the tip of the iceberg on the last record. Anyone who listens to my band Angels and Airwaves will know where I sit musically. If you imagine that, mixed in with what the other guys do in their spare time, you get it. It's going to be a really great collaboration of the best of three different genres of music.

The band last released Blink 182 in 2003.