by Bridge Nine

Defeater have entered the studio to begin work on their next album. The "avant-garde" hardcore band is promising another conceptual release, like their full length Travels and EP, Lost Ground. Vocalist Derek Archambault said:

While I can't give up all of the details on the storyline quite yet, let's just say that this new album will incorporate themes and characters that the listener has been introduced to already, in addition to bringing some new stuff into the mix. The writing process thus far has been very personally gratifying and I can't wait to have another chapter of Defeater's story out for the world to hear.

The band will spend the next month holed up at Getaway Recording Studio in Wakefield, MA, interestingly enough with their guitarist, Jay Maas, at the helm recording/producing. Maas owns and operates that studio, and has recorded bands like Bane, Cruel Hand, Soul Control and many others there.

The record is expected in early 2011.