Exclusive: Dead to Me retools lineup, heads to Europe

Dead to Me debuted their new lineup last night at an impromptu house show in Orlando, FL. Among the band's new members are Sam Johnson (VRGNS, No Friends, New Mexican Disaster Squad) on guitar and vocals in place of Nathan Grice, who is no longer with the group. Grice notably contributed a fair amount of songwriting and vocals to the band's 2009 full-length African Elephants. Also new to the ranks is Enemy You guitarist Ken Yamazaki.

The band and their new lineup begin a lengthy tour of Europe tonight in Gutersloh, Germany. To coincide with the tour, they'll be issuing a new 7-inch on Dutch label Shield Recordings. The three song 7-inch is titled Wait For It and will include the title track as well as "Attack Form" and "Pay Stub."