by Kung Fu

Billboard is reporting on the resuming of hostilities between the Daily Variety and The Vandals. According to the report, bassist (and lawyer) Joe Escalante is fighting the suit himself. He noted:

I'm spending ridiculous amounts of hours on this. Like four to 10 hours a day. It's a nightmare, but I'm learning how to do litigation. I hired a guy to teach me how to do it in Delaware.

Reed Elsevier, Variety's parent company commented on the suit as well:

While we don't expect the Vandals to see the issues through our eyes, the publicity they have generated and continue to generate contains inaccuracies, out-of-context statements and false innuendo. This is a breach of contract suit based on materials and links posted on the Vandals' websites. We look forward to a court deciding these issues.

Earlier this summer, Escalante commented on how the lawsuit was making it impossible for the band to release new material until the situation had been resolved.