by Bridge Nine

In a (relatively) recent interview, Polar Bear Club's Chris Browne talked about progress towards the band's next album:

Between Jimmy [Stadt] and I we have probably 14 or 15 song ideas ready to go. I know Nate [Morris] has some stuff he's working on as well. We've only had time to get to one or two as a full band so far, but I don't think I've ever been this excited about PBC songwriting. Things are coming together naturally and smoothly, and we all seem to want the same things this time around. I think the next record will maintain the variety of songs that we like, but the performance will have a little more "vibe" or "groove" to it if that makes any sense. We're not going to be afraid to just take a song where it needs to go rather than micromanaging everything. It may end up being more of a pop-rock record than we've ever done before, but the ideas are just as quirky and intense as ever in my mind.

Check out the interview here.

The band released Chasing Hamburg in 2009.