Underoath details "Ø (Disambiguation)"
by Solid State

Underoath has posted the track listing for their next album, Ø (Disambiguation). It's due out November 9, 2010 and follows Lost in the Sound of Separation which was released in 2008. The record is the first from the band since the departure of longtime drummer Aaron Gillespie. The band worked with producers Matt Goldman (Lost In the Sound of Separation and Define the Great Line) and Jeremy SH Griffith.

  1. In Division
  2. Catch Myself Catching Myself
  3. Paper Lung
  4. Illuminator
  5. Driftwood
  6. A Divine Eradication
  7. Who Will Guard The Guardians
  8. Reversal
  9. Vacant Mouth
  10. My Deteriorating Incline
  11. In Completion