The week of September 21, 2010
by Podcast

Tonight on a very special episode of the Punknews Podcast. we finally pull back the curtain and reveal all the Org's secrets as site founder Aubin Paul joins the roundtable. News editors Bryne Yancey and Adam White along with interviews editor Rich Verducci are on hand for his historic first words.

Among the stories discussed are Rise Against's next album, the New Pornographers' controversial show cancellation, Fest band confirmations, Chris Hannah of Propagandhi appearing on an Antillectual track, and Bomb the Music Industry's upcoming Blue Album and Pinkerton shows.

Not only that, but this week we have music from The Reaganomics, Metroplex and Bomb the Music Industry!.

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Punknews Podcast for the week for September 21, 2010

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