Murder By Death

As they continue on their headlining tour, Vagrant Records' Murder By Death have opted to send us some updates from the road. The band is touring with Ninja Gun and Samantha Cain in support of their latest album, Good Morning, Magpie.

Wednesday September 22, 2010
Tour Blog #1, MBD Fall 2010

Well, we're twelve days in to this tour and we've done some stuff. Some good stuff. Mostly eating good stuff. We're in t o that. BBQ, wings, burritoes, steak, duck, mock duck, duck corndogs. Wow, lots of duck, I guess.

We're happy to be out with Ninja Gun and Samantha Crain. Sweet bands and nice folks. We kick it. We've also had the good fortune to run across our friends in Russian Circles and our buddy Frank Turner at MIddlewest Fest in DeKalb Illinois. We grabbed some beers with Frank and he told me about a little film called "Black Dynamite". Do yourself a favor and wat ch this movie. I did, and I'm much better for having seen it.

The shows have been a lot of fun. Especially last night in Washington D.C. at the Rock and Roll Hotel. It's a really coo l club that I'd never heard of. The sound was really good, the staff was friendly, and the dressing room had tons of Gen eral Mao propaganda posters with penises drawn all over them in Sharpie. The crowd was crazy pumped up and enthusiastic to hang and talk after our set. And, to round out the evening, one really awesome guy brought us a steak pie and a pecan pie at about 1 a.m. as we were about to drive away to our hotel. I'm telling you, we've been eating some crazy good stu ff.

So tonight we're playing at Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park NJ. Adam's stoked. That dude loves to bowl. I reckon I'll roll a game or two myself.