Brokencyde have detailed their upcoming second album, Will Never Die. The album is due out November 9, 2010. The band made the following statement about the album:

With this whole album, we're putting our middle fingers in the air toward the entire industry. The album artwork is pretty much self explanatory. We want to smash everything and anything that stands in the way of us making music. We want to show all our detractors that all the hate they spew only fuels our music and makes us that much stronger.

They are, after all, a "fascinating phenomenon."

  1. Epic Intro
  2. Dis Iz a Rager Dude
  3. Always Go Hard
  4. SHAKE!
  5. Whatcha Want
  6. T.M.H.T.S. Lesson 1 (skit)
  7. Teach Me How To Scream
  8. Money Hungry Hoe
  9. High Timez (feat. Daddy X of the Kottonmouth Kings)
  10. Where we @? (skit)
  11. Da House Party
  12. My Gurl
  13. Kama Sutra
  14. Ugly Bitch with a Mustache (skit)
  15. Goose Gogglez
  16. U Ain't Crunk
  17. Ride Slow
  18. Sunshine