Joey Ramone Place sign most stolen in New York City
Contributed by david5345, Posted by Ramones

In a bit of a dubious honor, the street sign for Joey Ramone Place is officially the most stolen sign in New York City. It came first out of more than 250,900 signs stolen each year, beating out both Wall Street and Broadway. Impressively, the street signs are 12 to 14 feet off the ground but due to the thefts, Joey Ramone's sign has been raised to 20 feet reports the New York Post.

The sign lives (temporarily) at Bowery and East 2nd Street. Marky Ramone commented on the street and the thefts:

Every time I turn down Second Street, I look up and say, 'Hey Joey, you belong up there. It's a really nice tribute to a frontman who started the genre we call punk rock.'

Check out the report and picture here.