Murder By Death

As they continue on their headlining tour, Vagrant Records' Murder By Death have opted to send us some updates from the road. The band is touring with Ninja Gun and Samantha Cain in support of their latest album, Good Morning, Magpie.

Murder by Death Fall Tour Blog #2
September 27, 2010

We're driving through Canada on a rainy day headed to Ottawa from Toronto. Seems like a good time to type something up.

We had our maiden run at Asbury Lanes in Jersey, and that place is super cool. It's like walking in to a time capsule. Lots of vintage bowling alley furniture. It reminded me of league night when I was a kid. We would pile in to the Toyota station wagon, go to the bowling alley, Mom and Dad would drink beer and bowl, and I would hit them up for quarters to play that sketeboarding game called 720. It was the one with the weird joystick that only went in circles. They didn't have that game at Asbury Lanes, but I'm old enough to drink beer now so it didn't matter.

Hey, Menlo New Jersey, how's your fucking rad diner? And your huge park next to it that I rode my bike around for a half hour in the other day? I'll tell you how they are. They are awesome.

After an extremely pleasant afternoon in Brooklyn filled with coffee, cute hipster girls, and cute dogs, we had a great show at Union Pool that evening. We got to bend elbows with some of our friends in Linfinity and see a bunch of other friends that we don't get to see enough.

Things are good out here. We're up in Canada for the next few days and looking forward to a day off in Montreal tomorrow. We're gonna figure out something awesome to do. See you around!