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The current lineup of New York hardcore pioneers Cro-Mags are aiming to release a new album. The band, which includes vocalist John Joseph, guitarist AJ Novella (Leeway), bassist Craig "Ahead" Setari (Sick Of It All), & drummer Mackie Jayson (Bad Brains, Madball, Hazen Street), are aiming for 2011 with Joseph saying this:

You know, we are looking to release something next year. We always just roll with the punches. We want to release something with this line-up. My philosophy is: "I don't talk about shit; I just do it." When it's getting ready to come out you will hear about it. That's what I did with my books. I just wrote a film. There is no need to "big-talk" something. I think everybody knows what to expect, so when it's getting ready to come out people will hear about it.

The band released Revenge in 2000, but without Joseph. Their last album with him was 1993's Near Death Experience.

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