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The Black Pacific, the new band of ex-Pennywise frontman Jim Lindbergh, has announced some changes to its lineup. Gavin Caswell has replaced Davey Latter on bass, while ex-Dropkick Murphys member Marc Orrell has joined the band on second guitar. Lindbergh had this to say about the changes:

It turns out that our good friend and original bass player, Davey Latter, has to return to his drumming duties with his band, Everest. We knew all along when it came time to tour, it would be difficult if both bands were going out at the same time, and that's exactly what happened.

Lindbergh also expressed good will towards his former bandmates in Pennywise, who have continued with Ignite singer Zoli Teglas as their new frontman:

On another note: I want to say once again that I have nothing but good will toward everyone in the Pennywise family and the great fans we made over the years. I wish the guys success with their new album and tours, and choose only to support the positive message we worked together for 20 years to establish.

The Black Pacific released their eponymous debut last month and will be heading to Europe with Sum 41 and The Riverboat Gamblers..