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The Washington Post has more details about the beating death of a man outside the DC9 nightclub last week after an Agnostic Front show. According to the report, five men were charged with aggravated assault Saturday in the beating of Ali Ahmed Mohammed. All five men were released after a court proceeding Saturday and were placed in a high-intensity supervision program, which includes electronic monitoring.

Mohammed had tried to enter DC9 but was refused at the door. He responded by throwing a brick through the club's front window and the five men left the bar and chased him. The five people named include DC9 co-owner William Spieler, and four employees: Darryl Carter Jr., Reginald Phillips, Evan Preller and Arthur Andrew Zaloga. Witnesses said they saw Carter, Zaloga, Spieler and Phillips "stomp the victim on the head and the body" as Preller held him down, the document states.