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Washington local news outlet TBD spoke to Roger Miret of Agnostic Front about the death that occurred after their show and led to the arrest of five employees of the club hosting the show. Along with the arrests, the club's liquor license has been suspended and a vigil was held for Ali Ahmed Mohammed by the cities' Ethiopian community.

Miret commented on the mood after the show:

The vibe outside the club, I didn't like it. I told the guys, 'Let's get out of here.' I'm from the streets of New York City, and you can feel the uncomfortableness of the street, you know? I felt it, and so did the other guys….We were taking photos, signing autographs. You could tell there was people trying to mingle in that weren't a part of the scene.

We had a wonderful experience [before that] to be completely honest. It was the best show of the whole tour. The whole place was just on fire with joy that we were there. People were really respectful. No violence, no fights, none of that stuff. Whatever happened that night had nothing to do with the actual show.

While the five were charged with aggravated assault, prosecutors have not ruled out elevating the charges depending on the outcome of the medical examiner's report.