Streetlight Manifesto have posted a update on their current status, upcoming plans and solo projects. The band notes that they are spending the next few months working on their last record for Victory Records:

We are spending the next couple of months in and out of the studio. Finally! The last SM record on our current label has finally commenced recording! Freedom! We're in the middle of booking tons and tons of tours for 2011 and we'll be hitting many, many places we've never been, both in our country, our neighboring countries and as far away as the other side of the world.

As well, vocalist Tomas Kalnoky is about to release some solo material:

Tomas (under the name Toh Kay) and Dan Potthast will be releasing a split LP on November 16th via The Pentimento Music Company, in which they reinterpret 5 of each other's songs (each) with acoustic instruments.