Punknews.org Presents The Fest 9: A Free Compilation (Volume 2)
by Streams

As promised, here's the second volume of the intelligently-named Punknews.org Presents The Fest 9: A Free Compilation. This volume completes the 46 track behemoth and contains previously unreleased music from 10-4 Eleanor, Big Eyes, Stolen Parts, Shores, Divided Heaven and WITCHES, along with recently released jams from Hanalei, Dead to Me, New Bruises, Banner Pilot, VRGNS and Grown Ups, among other soon-to-be favorites.

Each track comes tagged with the corresponding band's Fest performance schedule (day, venue and time) as well as the cover art created by the wonderfully talented Liana Kangas.

The stream will be up right here momentarily (and it'll start at track 24), but right now, you can download it for free here. Missed the first volume? Download that here.

1. 10-4 Eleanor - "Patrick's Scarf is Soooo Douche!"*
2. The Flatliners - "Monumental"
3. We Were Skeletons - "Exposure to Heavy Metal Causes Whatever"
4. Big Eyes - "I Prefer to Be Alone"*
5. Hanalei - "Into the Black"
6. Mixtapes - "Nothing Can Kill The Grimace"
7. Dead to Me - "Wait For It… Wait For It!"
8. The Riot Before - "The Oregon Trail"
9. New Bruises - "The New Black"
10. Stolen Parts - "782"*
11. Red Collar - "Rust Belt Heart"
12. Banner Pilot - "Overwinter" (remastered version)
13. We Are The Union - "Five Out of Five Kids Who Kill Love Slayer"
14. VRGNS - "No Longer Entertainment"
15. Rumspringer - "Sometimes Dead is Better"
16. No Friends - "A Look Ahead"
17. Blacklist Royals - "Rock N Roll"
18. Grown Ups - "Pears"
19. Shores - "Roux"*
20. The Measure [SA] - "Unwritten"
21. Divided Heaven - "Born-Again Non-Believer"*
22. WITCHES - "Forget"*
23. My Heart to Joy - "Giving My Hands Away"