The Get Up Kids will be self-releasing their next album. The record is titled There Are Rules and is due out January 25, 2011. Matt Pryor explained the decision to self-release

We had a really great relationship with Vagrant but we felt that with the proverbial rebirth of the band we wanted to start our own label. Do everything ourselves like we did in the beginning.

The band reunited with producer Bob Weston who previously collaborated with the band on 1997's Four Minute Mile.

  1. Tithe
  2. Regent's Court
  3. Shatter Your Lungs
  4. Automatic
  5. Pararelevant
  6. Rally 'Round the Fool
  7. Better Lie
  8. Keith Case
  9. The Widow Paris
  10. Birmingham
  11. When It Dies
  12. Rememorable