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Recent Underground Communiqué signees: Vacation Bible School have announced the title of their next full length. The album will follow the band's recent split with the God Damn Doo Wop Band on Traffic Street Records. The album is titled Vacation Bible School Ruined the Scene and the band recorded with Dan Precision at his Bombshelter Recording Studio

They are planning to celebrate the album's CD release on December 5th at Subterranean in Chicago with Dear Landlord and Chinese Telephones.

  1. Douchebag
  2. Spider Veins
  3. the Worst of the Best
  4. the Best of the Worst
  5. Waiting For You (To Die)
  6. You + Me = Shit
  7. Can I Take Your New World Order?
  8. Nobody Home (You Know Who Ruined The Scene)
  9. Mailbox of Matches
  10. Mailbag of Bad News
  11. Stop Stopping
  12. Leaving Town
  13. Just a Little (Patience?)