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Charges have been dropped against the five DC9 employees charged in the beating death of Ali Ahmed Mohammed outside the club on October 15th just after an Agnostic Front performance. Five people - DC9 co-owner Bill Spieler and employees Darryl Carter, Evan Preller, Arthur Zaloga and Reginald Phillips - were named in the original charge. "An insufficient basis to sustain" the charges was given as the reason by the US Attorney's Office.

The office also said this:

Our work is not done. The tragic death of Ali Ahmed Mohammed demands that we undertake a careful and comprehensive investigation to determine precisely how he died. Today's action was taken after a detailed examination of the evidence gathered during the first three weeks of the investigation and a determination that we need more information before moving forward. Our investigation will be informed by pending forensic analyses and the ruling of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner on the cause and manner of death, important factors in any death inquiry.

DC9 has been closed since the incident.