Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Hellcat

Hellcat Records punk outfit Civet have announced the sudden departure of their rhythm section -- bassist Jacqui Valentine and drummer Roxie Darling. They posted a lengthy statement about the incident:

It is heartbreaking to come to you guys today to share our bad news. In the middle of our Nashville Pussy tour our rhythm section walked out on us. It is unfair to leave the band in the middle of a tour and leave us scrambling to piece our lives back together. We have a finished record on the way and all the opportunities in the world, not to mention the BEST fans anyone could ever ask for!

We can't speak for them on why they left, only that it's hard to understand is why two people we loved and trusted would do something so selfish and leave when there are still shows to be played and commitments to be fulfilled. Suzi and I are brokenhearted to lose two people who were our best friends, but we cannot give up on our dream because others decided to grow up. It was a tough decision, and we didn't want to send the wrong message, but we are gunna be brave and finish this tour. We have some friends flying in to do the last 6 or so dates.

The band released their last album, Hell Hath No Fury, in 2008.