Fucked Up
by Matador

Fucked Up drummer Jonah Falco recently spoke with Exclaim about the band's follow up to 2008's The Chemistry of Common Life. The band's in-the-works record, David Comes To Live is being worked on with engineer / producer Shane Stoneback (Sleigh Bells, Vampire Weekend) at his Treefort Recording Studio in New York. Falco discussed the record's sound, which will be something of a departure from the band's earlier approach.

The whole feeling of this record revolves around things that are somewhat familiar and relatable, but with our difficult take on it… Difficult in the sense that any other band who decided to write a poppier, shorter, less complex record wouldn't have had to endure much frustration or conflict. When we listened back to the rough mixes and heard, in fact, a poppier, slightly more brief, relatable and happily attainable punk record that still sounded like Fucked Up, you can imagine how pleased we were.

Falco summarizers the record as "a completely relatable rock opera rife with meta-plot, meta-parts, meta-leads and self-referential quirks. Actual stage production and possible embarrassment to follow." You can read the full report at Exclaim