Against Me! have left Sire Records. Tom Gabel, frontman of the popular Gaineville-based punk act, revealed as much in a recent blog post:

An apology is long over due, to everyone who bought tickets to come out and see us at any of the tour dates we had to cancel this past October and November, we're sorry. Canceling tour dates is the last thing that we ever want to do, especially when the dates have us going to some of our favorite places in the world, but this past October a culmination of circumstances were engulfing us and we had to take some time off from touring to go home and sort things out.

On a related note, after almost a five year relationship we are leaving Sire/Warner. We have nothing but gratitude towards all the people we worked with at the label and feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to make the records we made while with the label.

The band released two full lengths on the major label, 2007's New Wave and 2010's White Crosses.

Gabel also reveals that at the band's upcoming shows they'll have Jay Weinberg (who was recently ousted from Madball) drumming for them. Against Me! is set to hit the road with Fences and Cheap Girls in January and the Dropkick Murphys in February.