Against Me!'s Tom Gabel spoke to Spin in some depth about the band's newly minted status as free agents. He noted:

We originally had gone through a big process of being courted by a bunch of labels and decided not to do it. We ended up going through the process again and decided to do it the second time around. A lot of the thinking back then was like, "Okay, here's this opportunity, why not go ahead and take it and see what happens and what comes from it?" I definitely was paying attention the whole time and, hopefully, I'm walking away from it with an education, really, and kind of a clearer idea of the direction I'd like to take things long-term. When we originally signed, I never wanted to be like, "Okay, that's it. The next 25 years I want to work with this label.

I'm looking forward to being able to move quicker and feeling unburdened in that way. Right now, with everything being wide open, it feels like we can do whatever we want. We can put out a record as quickly as we can write the songs. So we'll just see what happens.

He also talked about the status of drummer George Rebelo who had been sharing his time with Hot Water Music:

George is in Australia right now with Hot Water Music. I don't know what their plans exactly are but I know Chuck [Ragan] has been talking about them making a new record this year. So, I'm pretty sure that's what George is going to be doing. This past weekend we played our first few shows with Jay [Weinberg, son of Springsteen drummer Max], although technically Jay's been coming out to our shows for years. In the past he would jump up and play drums for the last song of the set. I'm looking forward to that being more of a long-term thing and hopefully that'll be what happens.

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