After a few, largely conciliatory interviews, Against Me!'s Tom Gabel has launched some sharp criticisms of the work done by the band's former label, Sire/Warner. In this Rocksound interview, he notes:

I think that they made some serious mistakes. It's one of those things where you cant really point fingers, you know? […] For instance there was a version of the first single 'I Was A Teenage Anarchist' that was not a finished version; it had some slightly different lyrics, some of the backing vocals weren't added in and that we had just sent it in as like, 'Hey listen to this' and then once the album came out they started pushing the singles, one of them made the mistake of sending the unfinished version of every radio station in Canada. So every radio station in Canada played the unfinished version of 'I Was A Teenage Anarchist' because someone fucked up. And it's just like, are you sure you're paying attention to what you're doing?

He also explained the reason for the split with the label:

t's a complicated situation. Our deal had run out - Warner had another option but they declined to take the option. I know there's differences with Warner UK and Warner US so I'm not specifically talking about Warner UK but Warner US is kinda going under going a massive restructuring. They're just making massive cuts and a lot of the people who are unfortunately losing their jobs are kind of our team at the record label who we've worked with on the past couple of records. Kinda like the classic story of you're signed to a massive label and then your A+R bloke gets fired and you get forgotten about, you know? It's sad to see the relationship come to an end for sure, but at the same time I feel glad because I don't think we would have faired very well in that environment.

Check out the interview here. The band's new 7-inch is due out December 21, 2010.