Red Scare to release new Reaganomics, The Heat Tape in February
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Red Scare will be releasing two brand new albums in next year. First, the label will release the debut full length from The Reaganomics. The Chicago-based pop-punk outfit will releasing their debut full length, Lower The Bar, on February 15, 2011. The label adds: "There's songs about RoboCop, Ed Hardy shirts, Teen Wolf, and even some guest vocals from our ol' bud Kody Lillington. It's super fun stuff, just you wait and see. "

Due out the same day, February 15, 2011, is the debut from The Heat Tape. The band is fronted by Brett Hunter of The Copyrights and Dear Landlord and are described as "lo-fi ditties [like] The Marked Men and The Thermals trapped in a double-wide, forced to make music and only permitted to consume Jolt Cola and Popeye's Chicken." Their album is called Raccoon Valley Recordings and a tour is planned after release as well.