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Greetings humans! Once again the Punknews Editorship have descended from Valhalla to bring you their weekly decree of things worth talking about. This week Interviews Editor Rich Verducci is joined by News Editor Adam White and in an effort to avoid complete removal from outside society, Barrie of Generic Insight Radio (while Sound Guy Nariman stands by, silently toiling away for more ways to free Julian Assange). The three take stabs and jabs (in equal measure) at adding insight to Tom Gabel's accusations of Warner's serious mistakes with Against Me!, the new record by Rise Against and the shocking revelation that Rise Records still exists. Plus, Max Bemis goes on a normal, quick and young tour, Warped Tour underwhelms and we find out what the fuck "Crab-Core" means. If that's not enough (and why should it?) we have a track by Red Scare Industries' The Brokedowns.

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Punknews Podcast for the week for December 14, 2010

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