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Earlier this week Paramore announced that founding members Zac and Josh Farro would be leaving the band. The brothers Farro have responded to Paramore's official statement. Their take on things sheds some pretty negative light on the functionality of the band, claiming that it's essentially a vehicle for Hayley Williams. Amongst other things, they say that Williams had her own manager during the band's early days and that the rest of the band was shut out of contract negotiations. They explain the writing of 2005's All We Know is Falling.

"Our next move was to rerecord her solo demos with our own music rather than studio musicians to make it sound more genuine. Meanwhile, we tossed around band names. I wrote out a list of names, including "Paramore", a name my old band with Taylor and Jason Clark had thought about using. Obviously, we settled on that name. The label received the rerecorded demos and once again tried to fire the entire band, saying we were terrible. Thankfully Hayley and I had been writing some new songs together (Hallelujah, Here We Go Again) that the label was pleased with so that acted as leverage for the band to stay. The label and management then decided to build our band up the grass-roots route. They put Hayley on Fueled by Ramen not making it known she was signed to Atlantic as well. All the while we still questioned whether or not we were an actual band, but Hayley continued to insist we were, despite our being ignored and pushed around by the label."

You can click here to read the statement in its entirety.