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"Yes, you heard correctly. Straight from their official website, the news states that the Plug has been banned from the Warped Tour. What were the odds that a ska band would be banned from Warped? " Click below for the dirt.

At the Detroit date the fans got rowdy(probably because of the lack of space, water and the immense hostility of the crowd over such a crowded venue) and started to jump on stage during the set(they were on a side stage). The fans were asked to back off or the Plug would be shutdown…well the fans got up on stage again and the set was cut short. The Planet Smashers offered to let the Plug come finish their set on their stage.

At that point Kevin Lyman came onto the Planet Smasher's stage and commented on how it's bullshit when people dont follow the rules and that if they continue to disobey, all side stages will disappear from Warped.