MuchMusic resurrects The Wedge with Damian Abraham hosting
Contributed by shindo, Posted by Television

Canadian music television station MuchMusic has relaunched their alternative music video show The Wedge with Fucked Up's Damian Abraham hosting. The Wedge will now be comprised of performances, interviews, videos and discussions from various indie music artists. The show is slated to air every Wednesday night at 10 PM. In an interview with Spinner, Abraham commented "I was huge fan of 'The Wedge' growing up and it played a very large role in my development. So to be that person for an entirely new generation of kids was very appealing to me."

The Wedge debuted in 1992 on Much as a Monday to Friday half-hour series, originally hosted by Simon Evans. In 1995 Sook-Yin Lee took over as the host and remained with the program until her departure from MuchMusic in 2001. During the grunge era it was one of the stations most popular shows, but was later shuffled to late night obscurity and later replaced with a more generic alternative music block.