Propagandhi, Weakerthans, Comeback Kid protest Enbridge festival sponsorship
by Festivals

Exclaim is reporting that number of Canadian artists and musicians have united to speak out against Enbridge's sponsorship of the upcoming Prairie Scene! Festival in Ottawa. The Prairie Artists Against Enbridge signatories, which feature Propagandhi, the Weakerthans, Comeback Kid and Greg MacPherson among its ranks, is calling on the National Arts Centre to reconsider partnering with the oil giant.

The letter, which you can read in full on Propagandhi's website, points to Enbridge's environmental record. This includes a July 26, 2010 incident involving a pipeline which burst along Michigan's Kalamazoo River, as well as a proposed 1,200 kilometre pipeline that would carry crude oil from Edmonton to Kitimat, BC.

Prairie Scene! is the largest gathering of Manitoba and Saskatchewan based-artists outside of the Prairies. The festival will take place in Ottawa, Ontario from April 26 to May 8.