Lauren Denitzio (The Measure [SA]) talks sexism in the punk scene
by No Idea

Lauren Denitzio (The Measure [SA], Black & Red Eye) has published an essay on her experiences with sexism in the punk scene via I Live Sweat. In the piece, Denitzio touches on quite a few issues within the subject, including jokes made in poor taste, name calling and other derogatory gestures:

"What I think of when I imagine a scene without sexism is a scene where we consciously make an effort to create a safer space for everyone, no matter who they are. So while we might not be saying "you can't be in a band or go to this show because you're a girl", there are plenty of other things that go on that I consider to be sexist, because they're blatantly not considering what would make women in the scene feel safe. So, for those who might not know what I'm talking about: you know what makes me feel unsafe? When you're the only guy in the pit who doesn't get the message to not fly full force into someone half your size or strength. When you take your shirt off at a show. When you ask me if I'm "IN the band or WITH the band" after a male bandmate says the four of us are all IN the band. When you tell me I play guitar well for a girl. When you say that all the guys want to fuck the girl in that band. When you make a rape joke. When you use the word bitch or call someone a slut. The list doesn't end there. Now do you think the scene isn't sexist?"

Read the entire piece here.