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In a recent interview with The 1st Five, Eric Soloman of O Pioneers!!! talked about the future of the band, stating

It's one of those things that I've been struggling with for a couple of years now. Essentially O Pioneers!!! is my band at this point, and it's just kind of weird having a new set of people on every single tour. It changes the dynamic a bit, and some people don't know all the songs. You have to keep on getting used to everyone's quirks and how they play, and how they react to certain situations. It's kind of up in the air. We've certainly been talking about it a lot on this tour. I was really happy when I was touring with Junior Battles, and I'm really happy with the current line up because everyone is a really good friend of mine.

Regardless of whether Solomon decides to put the band to rest, they will be releasing at least one more record, a split 7" with Tigers Jaw.