House votes to stop funding NPR

Today, the US House of Representatives voted to stop funding NPR. The vote was primarily driven by the Republican side of the house with nearly all Republicans voting to defund the radio broadcaster and Democrats voting to support. One Democratic representative, John Larson, said this:

Under the guise of saving taxpayer dollars what they're doing is silencing NPR -- not because it saves money, but because it is not on the same ideological frequency of the extreme right.

Another member - Anthony Weiner noted:

The Republican Party -- no one can say they're not in touch, they get it. They understand where the American people are. The American people are not concerned about jobs and the economy or what's going on around the world. They're staring at the radio saying, 'Get rid of Click and Clack.' Finally my Republican friends are doing it. Kudos to you!

Find more details via PBS. It's worth noting that the measure has to also pass through the Senate before having effect.