Ducky Boys, who called it quits in 2007, have reunited. The band posted this:

We plan to head into the studio next month to record the first Ducky Boys material in five years. These songs will be the first recorded as a four-piece, reuniting the band with former guitarist James Lynch. This has been a long time coming; James was set to play on the follow-up to Dark Days which never materialized when the band originally parted ways. He and Doug also grew up playing together in the Westies - often on the same bill as Mark and Jay's original Ducky Boys lineup - but were never able to release an album with that band.

We've got some demos recorded. We've got a good amount of work left to do. We're excited about this lineup - we think it's the strongest we have to offer, cherrypicking through the history of the group. We've never been a band to put an album out just to do it. This isn't our job, and we've never let it be a chore. Like we said, it's been five years - I guess we've got something to say about 'em.

The band last released The War Back Home in 2006.