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A number of you wrote in with the news of an altercation between "crunkcore" outfit Brokencyde and pop-punk stalwarts Punchline. Cory Muro, the 23-year-old drummer for Punchline, filed a report Tuesday with police alleging that members of Brokencyde assaulted him and a friend on the South Side on Monday night. Mr. Muro had verbally confronted the band over the band's misogynistic lyrics saying: "I don't like your band and what you stand for, and you give music a bad name."

One of the Brokencyde members then charged and apparently "sucker punched" Muro's friend, Johnny Grushecky. Cory then grabbed the Brokencyde member and had him in a headlock when security and crew came off the Brokencyde bus and attacked him, punching and kicking him. Employees at the club where Brokencyde had performed broke up the fight and Brokencyde left in their bus before police arrived. Mr. Muro said that employees at the Smiling Moose helped break up the fight and that the Brokencyde bus left before the police arrived.

For their part, Brokencyde posted this defence on their Facebook:

Let's clear this up! We didn't jump anyone. It was 1 on 1 and the other guy jumped in! We ain't postin' pics or crying. We're dealing with it. We didn't jump anyone and also it wasn't over our music! It was the guys from that band bashing us as individuals.