Soul Control

Soul Control is set to release a new EP and we have a couple few details for you. The EP is titled Get Out Now and is due out July 12, following on their 2009 full-length, Cycles. A description of the record:

Cross contra cripple crescent, SC lives demands the present. The boys secede again: throughout, above, and beyond it all. The thunder may be, simply, rock and roll, punk, thrash, drone, distortion. Less a cosmos, more a fist fight, the record battles with sense and judgment, other times without. Anthems with rigidity and a force towards resolution: music to bang your head to. Songs with low end and an encompassing trance: it's not how you drive, it's how you arrive. A 5 song EP announcing the present, cross contra cripple crescent!

four. from SC on Vimeo.