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In a moment of poor judgement, your normal hosts hand the keys to the Punknews Podcast over to Chris Moran for what will probably go down as the most disorganized episode thus far. Joining the fun are Kira Wisniewski, and special guest Derek Perry from Fake Problems. The trio discuss a trifecta of stories about our favorite artists of yesteryear including the possible new material from the Pixies. Also tackled is the recent column by the iconic punk personality Henry Rollins and his thoughts on downloading music, and former label SST Records. The third of these throwback discussions centered on Ian McKaye and the future of Fugazi and Dischord Records. Kira was super-stoked to talk about the new label for Eve 6, and we all agreed that any news about Fest 10 is awesome.

On top of that, we have music from Small Brown Bike, and a song from Fake Problems.

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Punknews Podcast for the week for May 10, 2011

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