After eight years together, Angel Eyes are calling it quits. The band said this:

After eight years as a band, Angel Eyes is breaking up. There were a number of reasons behind our decision; some big, some small, but all have been adding up over the last year or so. In a lot of ways, the band has run its course. Not necessarily in terms of the music we create together, but just personally. We're all in radically different places than we were when we started out. As we grow older, our responsibilities change, our priorities shift. And while the band means different things to each of us, I think I speak for everyone when I say that what we take away from it has also changed, also shifted. We've always said that we'd break up before we felt like we were going through the motions, and we're remaining true to our word. At this point, I think that Angel Eyes has probably said everything we wanted it to and we feel comfortable dissolving it on our own terms.

The band last released Midwestern. Their final releases will be a new split EP with Beneath Oblivion on The Mylene Sheath and a final full length album due out this Fall.