Bomb the Music Industry!

Bomb The Music Industry! has announced the title and track listing of their impending full-length. The record is titled Vacation and is tentatively scheduled for a digital release in July via Quote Unquote Records (though anyone familiar with the band's history knows it could be out anytime). Once released, it'll follow up 2009's Scrambles.

Click below for the track listing.

  1. Campaign for a Better Next Weekend
  2. Vocal Coach
  3. Everybody That You Love
  4. Sponge Board / Baby Waves
  5. The Shit That You Hate
  6. Hurricane Waves
  7. Sick, Later.
  8. Why, Oh Why, Oh Why? (Oh Oh Oh Oh)
  9. Savers
  10. Can’t Complain
  11. Everybody That Loves You
  12. Sunny Place / Shady People
  13. Felt Just Like Vacation